Important Community Rules Reminder Spring 2020

To: Aspen Hill Residents

From: Northern Virginia Management and HOA Board of Directors

We will be conducting a periodic review of the community shortly. We have also received complaints from residents regarding Community rules noncompliance. We would appreciate everyone’s immediate attention and adherence to our rules.

The full list of Community Rules can be found on our website The most common violation areas are:

Lot Maintenance – Garden and planting beds are to be kept neat and orderly, free of significant weeds and debris.

Pets – Fairfax ordinance requires pet owners to clean up after their pets. Residents should report violators to NV Management or Fairfax authorities.
All pets must be on a leash at all times when off the resident’s property

Trash Cans– Can be placed curbside no sooner than noon of the day before collection. Emptied containers should be removed from view as soon as possible after pick up. They should not be stored in front of garages.

Recycling – Secure your recycling items so that in the event it becomes windy before the recycling is collected it does not blow away and litter the community.
As of November 2019, glass is no longer accepted in recycling bins, and recycling containing glass will be considered contaminated and not picked up. Do not put glass items in your recycling bins. See the HOA website for glass recycling information.

Parking – Residents have 4 parking spaces on their property. The six spaces in the middle of the community are strictly for guest parking. Residents may park at the top of the hill if needed. Vehicles parked crosswise across the sidewalk in driveways, parked in the fire lane as designated by the yellow painted curbing, or parked at the end of Aspen Hill Court in the fire lane turnaround will be towed.

Violations will be addressed via a notice and if not corrected appropriately may result in fines.

Thank you for your cooperation.

A PDF of this notice is available for your download and reference.

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