Specific 2020/2021 Trash Schedule

In preparation for the 2020-2021 holidays, we (Patriot Disposal) wanted to reach out to let you know of our holiday schedule. Below, you will find a complete schedule for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years:


In observance of Thanksgiving Day our offices will be closed and no services will be provided on Thursday, November 26th. Thursday’s regularly-scheduled services will instead be provided on Saturday, November 28th.

Christmas and New Years

In observance of Christmas and New Years Day our offices will be closed and no services will be provided on Friday, December 25th and Friday, January 1st. Friday’s services will resume on your next regularly-scheduled pickup day.

County Sinkhole Work

Hello Neighbors,

If you were wondering about the work behind 4619, it is the county repairing some soil erosion we identified during our neighborhood walk through.

We do an annual walk through to ensure our neighborhood is safe and kept up to our HOA standards to ensure good property values for all in the neighborhood.

Here is a photo of the erosion that we sent to the county. We are working with them to ensure they leave the area better than how they found it.

Here are the photos after the fixes:

Sincerely, your Aspen Hill Board of Directors.

Important Community Rules Reminder – Fall/Winter 2020

To: Aspen Hill Residents

From: HOA Board of Directors

We would like to remind residents about some of our Community rules, which are intended to enhance our neighborhood atmosphere and property values, and some of the applicable Fairfax and State laws and rules. The full list of Community Rules can be found on our website www.aspenhill.org.

Speeding – Virginia’s speed limit in residential areas unless otherwise posted is 25 mph and is our speed limit by default. Some of our residents (and, unfortunately, some service and delivery vehicles) are greatly exceeding that. Please slow down for everyone’s safety. The HOA owns one of those speed bumps everyone hates. The Board really doesn’t want to have to reinstall it on Aspen Hill Ct, but continued speeding may result in that happening.

Recycling – Recycling day is Wednesday. Please secure your recycling items so that if it becomes windy the items do not blow away and litter the community. Do not overfill recycling bin. Put excess recycling material in cardboard boxes with the top securely closed or paper bags. Plastic bags cannot be recycled. Plastic grocery bags can be taken to collection bins outside most grocery stores. Also glass is no longer collected, but there is a collection box for it at the Fairfax Governmental Center on Columbia Pike.

Trash Cans – Collection days are Monday and Thursday and trash cans may be placed curbside no sooner than noon of the day before. Emptied containers should be removed from view as soon as possible after pick up. Trash cans or recycle bins should not be stored in front of garages or at the side of the home.

Parking – Residents have 4 parking spaces on their property (2 in the garage, 2 in the driveway). If needed, residents also may park at the top of the hill. The six spaces in the middle of the community are strictly for guest parking. Repeat offenders will be towed.
Vehicles parked crosswise across the sidewalk in driveways, parked in the fire lane as designated by the yellow painted curbing, or parked at the end of Aspen Hill Court in the fire lane turnaround will be towed promptly.

And with winter approaching
Snow – Residents are required to clear snow promptly from their driveways, front steps and sidewalks in front of their homes. Ice should be cleared as quickly and completely as possible. Use of sand or salt is at the residents’ discretion.

Thank you for your cooperation.