Fireworks Law Reminder


Please be reminded that, as a practical matter, fireworks cannot be set off within the Aspen Hill community.

To help assure residents’ safety and prevent property damage, setting them off on HOA community property, such as the streets, sidewalks, and grassy areas, is prohibited, and the Fairfax County Fire Marshall prohibits setting off fireworks within 50 feet of any structure.


The Board of Directors does not believe any home has a place 50 feet from it, that is not HOA community property, where fireworks can be set off.

Important Community Rules Reminder Spring 2020

To: Aspen Hill Residents

From: Northern Virginia Management and HOA Board of Directors

We will be conducting a periodic review of the community shortly. We have also received complaints from residents regarding Community rules noncompliance. We would appreciate everyone’s immediate attention and adherence to our rules.

The full list of Community Rules can be found on our website The most common violation areas are:

Lot Maintenance – Garden and planting beds are to be kept neat and orderly, free of significant weeds and debris.

Pets – Fairfax ordinance requires pet owners to clean up after their pets. Residents should report violators to NV Management or Fairfax authorities.
All pets must be on a leash at all times when off the resident’s property

Trash Cans– Can be placed curbside no sooner than noon of the day before collection. Emptied containers should be removed from view as soon as possible after pick up. They should not be stored in front of garages.

Recycling – Secure your recycling items so that in the event it becomes windy before the recycling is collected it does not blow away and litter the community.
As of November 2019, glass is no longer accepted in recycling bins, and recycling containing glass will be considered contaminated and not picked up. Do not put glass items in your recycling bins. See the HOA website for glass recycling information.

Parking – Residents have 4 parking spaces on their property. The six spaces in the middle of the community are strictly for guest parking. Residents may park at the top of the hill if needed. Vehicles parked crosswise across the sidewalk in driveways, parked in the fire lane as designated by the yellow painted curbing, or parked at the end of Aspen Hill Court in the fire lane turnaround will be towed.

Violations will be addressed via a notice and if not corrected appropriately may result in fines.

Thank you for your cooperation.

A PDF of this notice is available for your download and reference.

Holiday Trash Schedule for 2019-2020


  • Our office will be closed and no services will be provided.
  • Those serviced 2x/week for trash on Monday and Thursday, will receive service on the next scheduled day, Monday, December 2nd.

CHRISTMAS DAY (Wednesday):

  • Our office will be closed and no services will be provided.
  • Those communities that are serviced for either trash or recycling will be serviced on Saturday, December 28th.

NEW YEAR’S DAY (Wednesday):

  • Our office will be closed and no services will be provided.
  • Those communities that are serviced for either trash or recycling will be serviced on Saturday, January 4th.


  • All tinsel and decorations must be removed and trees should not be placed in plastic bags.
  • Christmas Trees will be serviced on the designated yard waste service day during the 2nd and 3rd week of January.

No More Glass Recycling

We have been notified by our recycling / trash company that due to changes in Fairfax County, they will no longer accept glass in the recycling bins. Their notice is below.

Dear Property Manager:

Effective October 1, 2019, Fairfax and Prince William Counties no longer mandate that glass be collected at curbside for recycling. Therefore, effective November 11, 2019, Patriot Disposal will no longer pick up glass as part of recycling. Customers are encouraged to re-use glass containers, bring them to a purple bin located in Fairfax County, Alexandria, Arlington, and Prince William County, or put them in with the regular trash for pickup.

Beginning on November 11th, recycling that contains glass will be considered contaminated and will not be picked up.

As you likely have seen in the news recently, U. S. recycling markets have a long way to go to recover from the impacts of China’s import ban but over time the markets should adjust and create domestic demand for our materials.

Please visit the following websites for additional information regarding glass recycling:

We anticipate that Loudoun and Arlington Counties may soon implement the same policy. Should this occur, we will notify you promptly. Thank you in advance for your attention to this change. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department at 703-257-7100.


Patriot Disposal
Customer Service

New Recycling Schedule

Our trash service has changed the day for picking up recycling. The recycling bins and yard debris should be put out for pick up on Wednesday. Monday and Thursday remain the days for trash pick up.

Monday: Trash
Wednesday: Recycling
Thursday: Trash

Remember that your trash/recycling shouldn’t be on the curb before sunset the previous day, and all bins should be put back into your garage as soon as possible.

Information on the Indian Run Stream Restoration Project at the bottom of the hill.

Hello Aspen Hill Residents,

As you may have read in a previous post, Fairfax County is working to slow down erosion along the Indian Run Stream at the bottom of the hill.  The Project is making progress and now has its own Fairfax County Website where you can stay up to date on what is happening and what is planned.

If you have any questions or comments, we are always happy to see residents at our HOA meetings.


New Trash Cans & Trash Service


Dear Aspen Hill Resident:

The Aspen Hill Homeowners Association has contracted with a new trash contractor, Patriot Disposal, who will replace current trash contractor, American Disposal. The new contract will go into effect on May 1, 2017.

American Disposal will be picking up their equipment (trash and recycling containers) on their last service day, which is Thursday, April 27, 2017. Please be sure that you leave all your American Disposal containers out that day for pick-up.

The new trash contractor, Patriot Disposal, will be delivering new equipment to each home on Friday, April 28, 2017. Please watch for your new containers, and put them inside your garage as soon as possible.


          We thank you for your assistance with getting the containers switched out as we change contractors. Please contact our office at the email listed above if you have any questions. For up to date information be sure to visit and sign up for the e-mail list.


Northern Virginia Management

Acting as the Management Agent for the

Aspen Hill Homeowners Association

Indian Run Landscaping Plan

This is a project undertaken by the country to improve the stream that runs at the bottom of our hill.  It’s in county land, and it is for the good of the stream and everything around it, so your board supports its actions.  Our resident volunteer has been keeping us up to date with the proceedings.  Here is the Indian Run Court Final – Landscaping plan, and notices for when they will have further meetings about it.

The final design meeting will be on August 15, 2016, at 1:30 pm located at the Government Center 4th floor Conformance Room 447.5.

Jasdeep Saini
Stormwater Implementation Branch – South
Stormwater Planning Division

Stormwater project at the bottom of Aspen Hill

Hello, I got this the other day, and thought I would pass it along.  When the board finds more information, we’ll post it here.


My name is Jasdeep Saini and I with Fairfax County’s Stormwater Planning Division. We are in the initial stages of developing a plan to restore approximately 2,200 linear feet of the stream adjacent to your communities on Fairfax County Park Authority Land. As we proceed with site assessments and design development, we want to ensure the communities of Indian Run Townhouses, Little River Mews, Terrace Townhouses of Annandale, Brentleigh, and Aspen Hill are aware of the project and involved in the design.

We would like to hold a meeting with all five of your HOA’s and the larger community in March. The purpose of the meeting will be to introduce myself and the project, provide a project status and overview of the design process, and hear any concerns the community has regarding the project or stream. Do any of you have a meeting space that could be used to host this meeting? Also, I am interested in any date and time preferences you may have.

Through this community meeting and your input, we would like to recruit one or two members of each community that can represent the community and be part of our design team. This will require attending several meetings during business hours during the iterative design process to help make decisions and guide the design.

I am the Project Manager for this project, so please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I am excited about this project, and look forward to working with you.

If you are not the correct contact for the community, please let me know and forward this information along to the correct contact.

Thank You,
Jasdeep Saini
Stormwater Planning Division