Aspen Hill Annual Meeting Notice and Proxy Form

Each year Aspen Hill is required to have an annual meeting with at least a specific number of the residents represented.  If we don’t reach that minimum, we have to hold the annual meeting a second time (which costs our neighborhood money).

You can help by either attending, or filling out the proxy form.  Once you have filled out the proxy form, you can

  • fax it to Northern Virginia Management,
  • mail it,
  • drop it off at their office, or
  • drop it off in the door of any of our HOA board officers.

The board president is at 4614 and you can put it his door, and he will take it to the meeting for you.

We hope to see you there, but if not, we at least hope to get your proxy form so we only have to incur the expense to the community one time.

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